Save time by outsourcing, reduce your costs, resolve any debtor disputes in a timely manner, maximise cash flow with Stub Collections, Credit control & debt collection, Ireland
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Debt Recovery & Credit Control Service

Stub Collections Limited is an Irish owned and managed Credit Control Service and Debt Collection Company. Through years of experience we have acquired the knowledge and expertise to successfully achieve results. We provide a superior and professional collection service to small and medium companies along with sole traders or partnerships, whatever the industry. Our main specialty lies in the credit control function where we manage your debtor’s ledger to avoid debts spiralling out of control.

Many creditors, suppliers and service providers now face tough times in this economic downturn and without tight credit control of their debtors they can face serious cash flow problems that can ultimately lead to business failure. It is a fact that many companies are now waiting an average of 60-90 days for payment and many fail to collect at all!

Stub Collections Limited provides an innovative, outsourced collection service tailored to suit your business needs. How many times have you reviewed your debtor’s ledger only to realize that the sheer volume of accounts will never be handled by your accounts department or credit controller because they struggle to manage the volume of current receivables? It’s an all too familiar situation where it is too costly to employ another credit controller due to lack of cash flow and a tight budget! Here is how we can help. We review your debtor’s ledger now matter how small or great the volume, value or age and only charge commission on what we collect.

We aim to maintain a healthy business relationship with your clients whilst consistently collecting your overdue debts by resolving account queries at the onset, reviewing payment terms and highlighting the terms and conditions of your business agreement. Client rapport is our key to success!

Our strategy is constant communication through continuous correspondence by phone, email and letter. We will contact your debtors using only the best code of practice. Our professional approach ensures that no unnecessary strain is placed on the supplier – vendor relationship.

Services Provided

  • Credit Control Service
  • Aged Debt Collection
  • Preparation of accounts prior to legal proceedings
  • Customer/Site Visits when required
  • Professional Report & Constant Update for the Client
  • Feedback of debtor accounts
  • One to One Debtor Meetings – Client relationship when required.
  • Calculation and application of late payment interest (Under the EU Communities Regulations 2002)

Why use Stub Collections Ltd

What can we offer you?

  • Save time by outsourcing
  • Reduce your costs
  • Resolve any debtor disputes in a timely manner
  • Maximize your cash flow
  • Reduce your debtors ledger and Improve DSO’s
  • Build an account history base for future credit
  • Offer constant communication with your debtors

Fees and Commission Rates

We operate on a No Collection – No Fee basis

Our competitive rates of commission are as follows, well below the industry standard rates

Days OverdueCommission Percentage
0-60 Days 10%
61-120 Days 18%
121 – 365 Days 22%
366 plus Days30%

Where accounts have the possibility of going legal, full discussions will be had with you before any decision or action is taken. Some Legal scales costs incurred may be liable by the debtor where judgement is obtained but there can be initial legal fees depending on the age and value of the debt.

Stub Collections Ltd.
Directors: Sinead Burke & Olivia Kavanagh
Address: 26 Lower Drumcondra, Dublin, Ireland
Email: Sinead Olivia
Phone: Sinead 085 1801464 / Olivia 085 1801464